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“The wonderful and amazing feelings I have when I walk through the door are echoed in the faces and comments of every visiting friend, family member and guest.  You were a delight both as a designer and companion throughout this process.”

♦♦♦ L.B. – Palm Beach Gardens, FL. ♦♦♦

“I have worked with Marilyn McGaw and her firm, Residential Interiors Group, on many occasions in the past. I find her to be one of the most talented and creative individuals I know. She is also equally ethical and honest. She always has the best interests of her clients at heart. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

♦♦♦ B. H. – Palm Desert, CA. ♦♦♦

  “We were delighted with your enthusiasm and attention to detail.  Our friends and family compliment our home when they come to visit and we give you all the credit.” 

♦♦♦ J. N. – New York/Ocean Ridge, FL. ♦♦♦

 “Your interior design and project management made all the difference.  The project turned out is spectacularly.  I love the final results  and the clients could not be happier.” 

♦♦♦ Architect – Ocean Ridge, FL. ♦♦♦ 

 “The house is beautiful and it stills looks like us.  It was more than we expected, our new home really is outstanding.”

♦♦♦ D. I. – Palm Beach, FL. ♦♦♦






What is included in the complimentary design evaluation?

We will visit you in your home or at your project to evaluate your existing conditions.  After a short interview process we will have enough information to form an opinion and devise a general design plan.  It is a great time to show us photos and discuss some of your ideas.

We will not give design advice as this is a preliminary meeting to gather information only.  Our team will give you a written proposal for your review and approval prior to starting work.

Do you sell furniture and provide the design services at no charge?

You may not need to purchase new items for your home. Many times our clients have wonderful home furnishings that just need some refreshing and a new mindset. We look at the big picture prior to making design and décor recommendations. Our focus is to analyze your space and after an initial interview determine the best method to achieve your vision.  As each person is an individual the same accolade applies to interior design.

We want to purchase home furnishings for our home. What do you provide?

We offer a variety of methods for completing projects.  From shopping trips (wholesale and retail), specification of home furnishing products and factory direct purchasing services.  Based on your specific desires and requirement, we will give you the options available.

How do you charge?

It depends on what services you need.  A variety of payment levels are available from hourly,  a block of time, fixed project fee to a monthly design fee as in the case of project management services.

We will discuss the options based on your individual project parameters.  There may be more than one option that would fit your project requirements.