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McGaw & Company, Inc. – Residential Interiors Group receives requests from potential clients to help them update their home.  We are frequently asked:

We love your work.  Where do we start to create our ideal home?

Careful Planning – Fabulous Results


Our short answer is it totally depends on what you have completed prior asking for our expertise.  We will need to analyze your home and determine your design goals (also called the scope of work).  We start with:

Goal #1:  Assessing your Priorities.  

What if, anything, ties your room together? 

What overall style are you trying to achieve?

Does your current furnishings fit the space; scale, style and dimensions necessary to reach your design goals?

How does the room function or how do you want it to function?

What do you want to keep?

What are you willing to give up?

Do you need light control (too dark or too light)?

Privacy issues?

What is the color palette you want to achieve?

Does this room work (flow) with the rest of your home?

Can we re-purpose items from one room and use them in another room?

Can we refinish or rework the items affordably so that it makes sense to spend the money?

How many design decisions and purchases have been made previously? 

Are you willing to do what it takes to complete the design you are requesting?

Are you calling us in too late?

Is the budget realistic for the desired outcome?

Are you just spending good money after bad?

Are you willing to listen to our professional advice?

Outcome of Design Assessment and Analysis:

Honesty is King:  If you have a mishmash of items, styles, color, function and scale we may have no choice but to start over.  Obviously, clients hate to hear their designer give bad news.  We hate giving bad news.  Many times just changing one or two items in the room and creating inspired design is just not possible. It is our responsibility to give our clients “bad news” prior to spending additional money on a design plan that will fall short of fabulous when completed.

A good design plan (and it is all about the details) is a must.  Going down the wrong road will eventually lead to the “wrong destination”.  In that case, we prefer not risking our well-won reputation or our client’s trust and money if we cannot impact your home in a drama and positive way.  It may seem harsh.  In the long run, it is more kind give an honest analysis rather than disappointing you or misspending your assets.

Does that mean we always have to start with a clean palette?  Not necessarily.  Many times our clients have home furnishings and treasures that can be used as the basis for a personal design that totally reflects their personalities which is our ultimate goal. 

The first step is a onsite evaluation and discussion to confirm your design and budgetary goals.  The second step is to put together a general plan of the scope of your project.  Thirdly, coming to a consensus of our joint mission (style, budget, time frame and special priorities).  

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