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Ocean Harbour Dining Room

Art Deco influences Parisian 1920 Chandelier and Sconces.  Pearl leather upholstered seat dining chairs with fabric bacls and constrasting host and hostess chairs reflect the grand main living area directly opposite the Dining Room.

Fabrics, leather and wood furniture Accents

Custom stone fabric mantle and cocktail table.

Fancy wood, gold gilded, drapery tie back and contrasting host chairs

Handmade Art Deco Sconces

Etched glass and bronze with custom cast metal Finial

 Mirror above stone Fireplace reflects Dining Room

Scaled drawing dedicts the scale and overall design of the Dining Room.

Fresh approach to Interiors…

Residential Interiors Group offers a fresh approach to interior design and decoration by formulating and executing beautiful homes to fit our client’s budget and timetable.

Sconces to custom manufacturer detailing design direction and overall dimensions for placement on wood pilasters.

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