Residential Interiors Grop

Residential Interiors Group

Pre-Construction, Remodeling & Renovation

Services include Interior Design, Renovations and Remodeling for primary, secondary residences, and new home construction. We specialize in high-rise condominiums, townhouses, builder models and estate homes. Projects range from $15,000 to over $1 million dollars.

As proactive project managers we facilitate a smooth running job site and address any questions regarding our design intent for each project.

A design team is only as good as the team members that support our project vision. Our vendors and contractors have been selected after long association with our firm and are rated by experience, quality, level of service, professionalism and credentials.

We will work with your contractors or ours. Our team includes architects, general/sub-contractors, trade personnel, delivery and installation providers.


Design Tip…

Turn off and wrap your air conditioner intake and ducts during demolition and removal of debris. This will prevent the air conditioner from accidentally ingesting debris that may damage your HVAC unit necessitating its’ replacement. Change your filters during and after your renovation to eliminate any residual dust that may occur during the installation and painting phase of your project.

Certified Contractors

Professional Delivery & Installation