McGaw & Company, Inc. – Residential Interiors Group may analyze a home during a preliminary visit and make the comment “This home needs to be edited”.  What does that really mean?

Firstly, editing is creating a cohesive group of objects, colors, functions or visual shapes which create harmony.  Have you wondered why your home or office feels uncomfortable; does not feel relaxing to spend time in or seems a little funky and not in a good way? This may simply be lack of design focus.  Maybe we acquired some furniture from Mom which worked for our purposes at the time or inherited family treasures which we love but really don’t reflect who we are, or the rest of the room.  Maybe we have really casual rustic items with highly modern pieces and can’t figure how to make the changes to have our room look the way we envision.  For most people, keeping a single focus will result in the best design outcome.  Yes, designers do mix a multitude of colors, furniture, art and accessories and it can work out wonderfully.  It is tricky to achieve and takes a light hand to accomplish the best effect.  If you prefer traditional or transitional design but are finding it a little boring and feel like you are missing out on all the new wonderful more contemporary furnishings being highlighted in the design magazines, I offer these suggestions:  Remove a few of the older more serious pieces from your room and bring in furnishings in the classic sense but with a few more straight lines and updated styling.  Replace the accessories including pillows and lamps using similar colors and finishes to refresh the space.    Stay focused and carefully determine which lines and details are common to all the new elements you are adding.  Each new item should reflect similar design details of the other furnishings in the room.  Pick three colors, any three colors and reproduce them throughout your room.  Make sure you have something or several some things that have the same three colors.  For example:  A pillow fabric in a print would have two of your three colors… so add fringe or trim in the third color and now all three colors are included from your design plan.  Add accessories that function as well as look great.  Boxes are wonderful to hide the audio visual remote controls.Creating harmony through editing is something that is simple and effective that just about anyone can accomplish.  Most of all have fun!