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Taking Interior Design Personally

Interior Design

When the Las Vegas design team founded Residential Interiors Group, a boutique design firm in 1992, their aspiration was to excel in award winning interiors reflecting their client’s personality and lifestyle with specific design goals.  Residential Interiors Group is serious about integrating custom designed features and furnishings essential to their client’s lives.

Their portfolio of high-end private clients, realtors, builder/developer custom & models homes and hospitality industry projects are located from the Pacific West Coast to Florida have included budgets ranging from $15,000 to over $1 million dollars.

Relocation In Style

“Relocation can be demanding with so many details to consider during the transition.  We work with people who are relocating for a new job, planning for their retirements or want a second home,” said Marilyn McGaw, Principal Designer and owner of Residential Interiors Group.

“And, for those who travel extensively and have several homes around the globe, project management can be a formidable task unless you have the right design team to oversee the implementation of their vision..”We offer solutions to expediate the relocation process.”

Remodeling & New Construction

 Redmodeling existing homes is a significant part of the Residential Interiors Group portfolio.  “Our cients don’t all buy “new”, they buy location., Marilyn McGaw, noted.  “Remodeling involves the same techniques and the support teams of contractors and vendors that we use for new construction and models for developers.  We love the challenge of personalizing our clients’ homes. We create a design concept and execute our vision.  It’s a lovely synergy” Marilyn added.

We take Interior Design personally – Our expertise in designing and specifying interiors is impeccable.

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